Campaign Readiness: Vision Meetings and Feasibility Studies (September 19, 2012)
Presenters: Robert Osborne, Jr. and Laura Goodwin, Vice President

In this webinar, Laura and Robert discuss the role of thorough, thoughtful campaign planning as a key indicators of campaign readiness. As the foundation of that campaign plan, they share a checklist for creating a powerful vision and how to share that vision with prospective donors to create a feasibility study experience that both provides rich, useful data to the organization and provides a meaningful point of engagement for participants in that study.

Engaging Your Board in Fund Development
Presenters: Laura Goodwin and Neesha Rahim, Vice President

Neesha and Laura discussed practical strategies for inspiring all of your board members to become fund developers including the four fundamental roles that every board member can play in supporting your organization's fund development program.

Five (or more) Items for Every Development Officer
Presenters: Laura Goodwin and Yolanda Rahman, Vice President (December 4, 2012)

A free webinar for development officers of all kinds!

In this discussion, Laura and Yolanda offer recommendations high impact, high priority activities to take on before year end. Over the course of this hour they offer ideas on delivering world class donor relations and stewardship, making meaningful year-end visits to major gifts investors, refreshing and renewing your case for support, creating work/life balance and making the commitment to change. Appropriate for staff members in all areas of development and all levels of experience.

Getting Face to Face with Prospective Donors: The Art of Asking Strategic Questions (June 14, 2011)
Presenters: Karen E. Osborne, President; Laura Goodwin, Vice President

Strategic questioning is a powerful life skill. Quality questions can elicit information that can help you create productive donor relationships: Where are we on your list of philanthropies? What factors go into your philanthropic decisions? As you consider our vision for the future, what do you find most compelling? Karen Osborne and Laura Goodwin will teach participants how to probe for the information needed to develop and advance relationships. Learn how to establish a joyful "yes!" to your request for increased engagement with your institution or a significant gift to help you achieve your goals.

Engagement Matters! Digital Media for Stewardship (June 13, 2011)
Presenter: Karen E. Osborne, President

The more engaged donors are, the more they give--and your institution's powerful impact stories can (and do) engage donors, inspire loyalty and help increase leadership and major gifts. During this idea-packed webinar, Karen will show how an institution, using its inspirational stories and social media, can take its advancement program to new heights of donor generosity and joy.

Major Gifts: A Role for Everyone (March 8, 2011)
Presenter: Karen E. Osborne, President

Learn how you can add value, expertise and hands-on assistance in securing gifts that truly make a difference. Karen Osborne reviews the basics of major gift fundraising, discusses possible roles for you and your team, provides tips on how you can ask the right questions and make just the right points, answers questions about anything concerning major gifts and ends with concrete ways you can jump in and be a part of a joyful, transformative gift.

Maximizing Alumni Events for Greater Impact (November 16, 2010)
Presenter: Laura Goodwin, Vice President

In this time of having to do more with less, alumni relations officers are being challenged to deepen relationships and make more connections within their institutions, and annual fund and major gift officers are under pressure to raise more money from alumni. This webinar looks at ways to build bridges between alumni relations and development to create powerful, multi-dimensional events and offers practical advice on planning and implementing events that start more relationships and engage, inspire and steward more donors.

Age of Stewardship (March 17, 2010)
Presenter: Karen E. Osborne, President

Discover how extending stewardship beyond investors in the endowment can lead to increased giving from all sectors (including faculty and staff), increased donor satisfaction, increased viral marketing and lasting institutionalization of cultural and best practices.

Engagement and Stewardship: A Powerful Team (February 14, 2010 )
Presenter: Karen E. Osborne, President

The more engaged donors are, the more they give. The more they enjoy giving and experience the impact of their investments, the more they advocate, volunteer and—oh, yes—give. This interactive and idea-packed webcast combines these two ideas and discusses how to take your advancement program to new heights of donor generosity and joy.

Extreme Engagement: A Sure Path to Major Gifts (2009)
Presenter: Karen E. Osborne, President

We know that deep and satisfying donor engagement leads to increased annual and major gifts, donor loyalty, viral marketing and then to even more gifts. Karen will help you turn theory into practice and your involved donors into extremely engaged ones. One of the most productive ways to increase engagement is to work collaboratively with alumni relations, faculty leaders, senior administration—in fact, with anyone willing to help you offer extremely engaging opportunities. The results will be joyful yeses to more major gifts.

Managing Time & Energy – A Team Sport (2008)
Presenter: Karen E. Osborne, President

You could work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and never be finished. Couple that with the fact that success brings more work and you understand why you're always running—as well as running out of time. When you multiply the problem by the number of members on your team, how can you possibly keep control?

Stewardship: The Foundation for the Next Gift (2006)
Presenter: Laura Goodwin, Vice President

As donors become increasingly selective and loyal in their philanthropy, providing outstanding stewardship to donors at every level is crucial for success. This webinar examines the redefined elements of a great stewardship program, discusses the benefits of providing meaningful, universal stewardship to donors and outlines steps everyone can take to create a strong foundation for the next gift from their donors.

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