Metrics and Information Based Decision-Making for Major Gift Leaders
As a CEO, VP or major gift director, you want to get the right information so you can make sound decisions about your major gift work, grow your individual giving programs, and increase overall philanthropic revenue. The RIGHT metrics can point you in the best direction. Metrics are the result of your strategy. What did you accomplish? What didn't work as well? Metrics help us identify opportunities and figure out who, on your staff and volunteer teams, you want to invest in, who are your stars and emerging stars. Join us for an information and strategy packed session on what to measure, how to measure and how to use what you've learned.

Items for Every Development Officer
Five (or more) items every development officer should consider.

STTV at AFP Congress 2012 - Karen Osborne
Karen Osborne is a respected consultant, executive coach, and public speaker. She held two highly anticipated sessions at AFP Congress. The first presentation was all about how to never get a "no" again; her second talk at Congress was about effective time management.

Karen Osborne video at AFP Congress in Toronto, Canada
Karen Osborne is interviewed by Stephen Thomas

Interview with Karen Osborne on Cultivation, Stewardship and Board Development - March 31, 2012
Karen Osborne is interviewed by Jan Uekermann at the International Conference on Fundraising in Vancouver, Canada.

How to Never Get a No
Karen Osborne discusses strategies for a successful solicitation

Annual Giving
Laura Goodwin provides tips for an effective annual giving program

Success Factors
Bob Osborne, Jr. and Laura Goodwin discuss critical success factors for a successful campaign

Small Shop Fundraising
Bob Osborne, Jr. discusses how to get big-shop results with a small staff

Great Storytelling
Laura Goodwin discusses using effective storytelling to engage prospective donors

Laura Goodwin explains stewardship

Achieving a Culture of Philanthropy
Karen Osborne discusses the concept of achieving a culture of philanthropy for non-profit organizations

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