On-Site Training and Webinars

We offer a vast array of experiential training opportunities that provide fresh ideas, proven methods and powerful tools to use immediately. Our skill-based seminars focus on all aspects of:

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Fund Development
  • Institutional Advancement
  • Information Systems
  • Prospect Research
  • Alumni Relations
  • Marketing and Communications

We tailor every session to you.

Every client has different goals, different needs. Every work group comes with divergent experiences, preconceptions and skills. As a result, we never ask, "Do you want option A, B or C?" We ask, "What outcomes do want to achieve?," "What 'hot buttons' are unique to your group?", "What actions would you most like to influence?"

We listen. Then, we design a session, a series of sessions, or a complete curriculum and platform that helps you create lasting change, increased skills, confidence and results.

To jumpstart your thinking, here are some of the sessions our clients have found the most useful, as well as some of the newest topics trending today.

We are flexible.

Delivering sessions to many different audiences including deans, presidents, physicians, faculty members, trustees and volunteer groups

Working with all experience levels we derive as much joy in helping new board members or first-time staff members explore the fun and satisfaction in working in philanthropy as we do from working with the most senior, seasoned professionals

Leading our sessions in any type of venue from facilitating a plenary, to working a round-table seminar, from giving a keynote, to spending a day or series of days

We can deliver.

  • Board retreats
  • Board meetings
  • Staff retreats
  • Multi-day, national conferences
  • Full-day, half-day, quarter day professional development meetings
  • Semester-long conference call training "academy"
  • Plenary sessions
  • Keynote addresses
  • Hands-on strategy and skill building seminars
  • Organization-wide strategic planning sessions
  • International videoconference seminars
  • Leadership and management development workshops
  • Crisis intervention sessions
  • On-line webinars
  • Enterprise-wide staff and volunteer capacity building

We provide options.

Face-to-Face Training

  • One and a half day training if you would like us to work with more than one audience perhaps a board retreat one full day with staff training the day before; or if you are hosting an extended professional development experience for staff, often in an off-site location.
  • A full day training if you are looking to provide a solid skills building opportunity for staff, board or other volunteers, and sometimes senior administrative or program leadership. The full-day format offers maximum opportunity for interaction, applying and practicing new skills and covering a variety of different topics in some depth.
  • A half-day experience if you are looking to jumpstart a change in engagement among their board or staff leadership, or want to focus the development staff on exploring and one particular topic intensively

Distance Learning via webinar

This option works well for clients who have offices spread over a wide area, or who are looking to brush up on some skills without the commitment of an extended seminar, or as a follow-up session to on-site training we've done! Our webinars offer :

  • Up to three hours of instructional time per webinar with our master teachers on a broad variety of topics
  • Sequential learning "101", "201", "301" level training on a particular topic
  • A cost effective way to train individuals or groups up to the 1000's

Our Curriculum

Beginning The Discussion

The best way to decide whether we are the right training partner for you is just to call. We are glad to consult with you whether you are just starting to think things through, or have decided on a result, and a date.

Conference planners, please contact us to talk about how we can help you develop a fund development track for multiple levels of experience, or how to make the fund development, board development/leadership and management tracks work together seamlessly.

Our Curriculum

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