Most Requested: From Our Toolkit

Strategic Management Questions
A companion to our popular, donor-focused strategic questions list, this list of strategic management questions provides a useful resource for building a strong, collaborative work environment, managing up, down or out, and better understanding the motivations and values of colleagues, bosses and employees.

Management and Leadership IQ
This self-diagnostic tool helps leader/managers to identify their specific strengths and weaknesses in their leadership style and create a plan to improve in areas like: planning, organizing, staffing, building relationships, monitoring and reporting, delegating, priority setting and personal care.

Getting to Know Your New Hire Strategic Questions
This list of strategic questions designed to help you start and keep going, over a year of new staff orientation and on-boarding, the right strategic conversations. They will help you gain information and insight, clarify situations, deal with performance challenges before they become issues.

Mission-Based Giving & Case for Support: Developing Inspirational Impact Statement
People can give $5 or $50,000 and feel good about supporting your mission. This resource guides you through how to develop impact statements that inspire donors to step up to the $1,000, $5,000 or $25,000 annual level for your organization or institution.

Strategic Questions: Our Most Popular Resource!
People remember more of what they say than what we say. People believe what they say, more than what we say. People enjoy conversations in which they speak the most. Therefore, it is our responsibility to elicit the case for support from our potential donors! We want them to tell US whatever we want them to REMEMBER. This resource contains questions for every scenario updated annually.

Building a Culture of Philanthropy
While a strong culture of philanthropy is never "done", there are concrete steps that work to build and strengthen your culture of philanthropy. This resource helps you define a "Culture of Philanthropy" in your own organization or institution and start implementing the six steps to achieve a stronger culture.

Engagement Opportunities for Today's Philanthropist
When a potential donor/investor is deeply engaged in your mission, vision and work, the solicitation step is simple. This resource will help you jumpstart your own list of ways that you can bring donors into the impact of their investment in your work.

Hosting a Mission-Infused Ask Event
This resource walks you through how to prepare, host and follow-up on a great event that builds life-long relationships.

Boosting Annual Giving in a Campaign
Dealing with a dwindling annual fund during your campaign? It doesn’t need to happen. This resource shares how to structure a powerful layered ask and create compelling reasons to give both annual and campaign/restricted gifts.

Board Stewardship Call Script
Tailored for Board members, this script provides a ready-to-go resource for board "thank-a-thons" or to help jumpstart board participation in stewardship. Of course, it works for staff and other volunteers as well!

Return on Investment: Setting Development Staff Expectations
A detailed resource for organization leaders looking for guidance on adding or upgrading the level of professionalism in the development operation. This article walks through how to establish performance metrics and goals that are both assertive and realistic for a Chief Development Officer.

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