Engaging Young Board Members on your Board
Neesha Rahim discusses the inside scoop on strategies for successfully recruiting young board members to your board with Jeremy Goldberg, four-time young board member.

Activate This: What Fundraisers and Activists Can Learn From Each Other
Robert Osborne and Laura Goodwin discuss the parallels between activism and fund development - how both can best tap into motivation to inspire action.

Build the Better Budget: Non-Profit Budget Tools from Consultant-land... and Reality
This audio version of The Osborne Group blog post by Laura Goodwin discusses the essentials of the NFP budgeting process and points to several, user-friendly budget tools. www.theosbornegroupblog.com

What the Heck is SEO and What Does it Have To Do with Major Gifts?
Neesha Rahim discusses how SEO, search engine optimization can develop major gift relationships with guest podcaster, Ashley from Meridian Interactive.

Everybody in the Pool! Getting Your Board Ready for Campaign
Robert Osborne Jr. and Laura Goodwin discuss how your board can contribute to your campaign readiness - and how to get them ready for campaign.

Things They Don't Tell You in CEO School
Bob Osborne, Jr., Karen Osborne and Yolanda Rahman discuss what CEOs should know about advancing philanthropy in their respective organizations.

Coaching to Campaign Success
Robert Osborne and Beth Herman discuss the role that a quality coach can have on fundraising success.

Brilliant Failure
Laura Goodwin and Neesha Rahim talk about how to set up fundraising strategies to test for success and learn from failure. They also discuss how to share lessons learned as powerful stewardship.

Inside the Mind of the Database Guru
Kheng Chow and Neesha Rahim talk about how to develop strong, shared practices between the fund development staff and the database team to efficiently create useful analysis and reporting.

Make The Leap
Robert Osborne and Laura Goodwin talk about how to take a plan for growth and turn it into a fund development plan that works.

Here's How You Talk with Your CEO about Social Media
Neesha Rahim interviews Karen Osborne about how she learned to love social media, and the lessons learned to encourage other leaders to focus on high impact social media strategies.

Present Yourself
Will Carlin discusses how to present yourself.

What Does It All Add Up To?
Laura and Bob discuss the relationship between strategic planning and great stewardship.

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